The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – Aristotle once said.

The 2014 camp is organized by a diverse team of nearly 300 volunteers from all over the world.

A seasoned team of eight Dutch volunteers started preparations early 2011. The Cloggie team brings more than 50 years of camp experience to the table.

During the camp approximately 60 volunteers provide on-site support – ranging from logistics, catering, medical care, media and IT support. Registration to volunteer closed last 15 February.

On top of this team, the more than 20 national teams bring their volunteers that provide the daily care and support their guests need.

These are the ingredients for a great and memorable camp experience!


Joost Sandberg Quirine van Voorst tot Voorst
Joost Sandberg
Camp Leader 2014
Quirine van Voorst tot Voorst
Deputy Camp Leader & Finance
Victorine Huenges Wajer Michiel de Wolf
Victorine Huenges Wajer
Program & Activities
Michiel de Wolf
Logistics & Operations
Maarten Peek Emilie Rutgers van Rozenburg
Maarten Peek
Spiritual Affairs
Emilie Rutgers van Rozenburg
Patricia Bougie-De Leeuw Claudia Artz
Patricia Bougie-De Leeuw
Medical Affairs
Claudia Artz
Communication & Staffing

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